From the Kindling Parents:


Thank you for all you have done for our daughter. Your Forest School isn’t just about being outside but the way in which you interact with the children, encourage them, listen to them and place them firmly within nature, nurturing the important bond between them and the environment. I’ve no doubt that you have enriched the lives of every child who has had the privilege of being guided by you and your fantastic team.”

“You have given H a love of nature and the environment as well as many happy memories of lunches by the fire with stories and chocolate buttons. It’s so great what you do with them!”

“Thank you for a fabulous year of Kindling Forest School for S. He absolutely LOVES it. It’s the highlight of his week.”

“Your calm and caring approach has been so wonderful and has taught me so much about other ways of approaching parenting in this busy world we live in!”

“We are so lucky that our daughters have benefitted from your patience, expertise and kindness. Thank you so much for everything, T has truly blossomed in your care!”